Several problems in the painting that pine furniture

2016-06-17 724
From the point of view of actual coating the coating results, pine furniture coating problems is often pretreatment of substrate is not good and coating construction does not meet the requirements of cause of.
Pine furniture in pretreatment must be grease, if there is no painting through the pine oil or remove the removal rate is low and the adhesion of coating will be very low, easy blistering, also lacquer furniture is easy to warp cracking. Paint technology researchers found that, the main reason for the deformation of pine is high pine pine oil would like fluid, flow, in the flowing power caused by deformation. When polishing tofo, if sanding with sticky and skids, indicating that the pine pine oil removal is not good enough, must be re skim. If the findings of bleaching degreasing, the final rinse process must be repeated washing, bleaching powder to thoroughly rinse. Otherwise, it will accelerate the coating on the polyurethane paint yellowing, affect the coating effect.
, of course, even in the pre coating through pine oil removal treatment, but, after all, layer of pine oil always residual part and pine pine contains mostly organic substances. And we use polyurethane varnish is organic solvent system, according to the principle of similar dissolves, such as pine oil is not closed isolation, pine oil layer will soon was dissolved into the surface, so that quickly becomes yellow paint coating. This process, many furniture factory did not pay attention, actually this process is the key variable of yellow pine.
Polyurethane paint for coating and the dryness control of pine material also requires very strict requirements of water rate can not exceed 10%. In order to avoid backwater, the best throughout the construction phase are in and humidity warehouse, construction period as far as possible should be short, generally to finished products do not more than 3 days, or even a day can be a finished product, try to avoid due to moisture induced Qimo spalling, cracking phenomenon.
From the above analysis can be seen, in painting of pine furniture, on the one hand must be good degreasing treatment of pine wood, of pine to fully closed, and then select the appropriate coating of the pine characteristics; on the other hand, is from the tiny construction start, strict coating process of each link. In these two aspects are taken seriously, will be very good to prevent pine furniture is easy to deform, yellowing, coating spalling and cracking defects.
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