Pine furniture maintenance

2016-06-17 766
Pine is very natural, so in the home needs to pay attention to the following three aspects.
1, often with a soft cloth along the grain texture, dust to dust, for the furniture, should dip clean spray on a soft cloth;
2, when used as far as possible with the mat on a hot plate, so as to avoid food with soup spills, or damage to the desktop;
3, as far as possible to avoid contact with the surface of the furniture corrosive liquid, alcohol, nail polish, etc..
Have a great relationship with the price of some of the characteristics of pine furniture material. Pine furniture belonging to the coniferous tree species, forest enclothes rate is relatively high, not by much manual polishing, a on the real and honest natural beauty, practical warm, creating a more comfortable easy furniture environment. But the pine wood furniture is relatively soft, high water content and easily lead to cracking, have to pay close attention to maintenance. These are the main reasons affecting the price of pine furniture.
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