How is the children's furniture made of pine

2016-06-17 769
How is the children's furniture made of wood?
Pine fell through dehydration, degreasing, removing oil from 3 to process, to be made into furniture for children. The Arctic pine in the country of origin after felling, in the factory for 180 - 100 degrees of temperature of the skim drying, through the German patent skimmed process, the moisture content of only 13%.
While domestic pine drying degrease generally 50 - 70 degrees, water content is relatively high, fat is not thorough enough, easily cracking. In order to reduce water content, at present, some manufacturers, will use a kind of chemical absorbent containing arsenic, will cause harm to the human body, and even cause cancer.
And then the dehydration and dehydration process. People say that pine will be out of oil, it is because there is no through professional equipment deoiling, common in home-made furniture or a small workshop products. 3 off, then planing, drilling, grinding, slotting, painting, assembly, packaging, the ultimate product factory.
In the pine in the process will produce a lot of scrap and waste, flexa never again to use the leftover and waste to production. But directly to the scrap and waste disposal into wood chips, through professional stamping process, processing into a green can be combustion particles.
Use of energy. European companies to protect the environment and so extreme. And some domestic enterprises, often using the scrap and waste, children furniture made of tooth contact plate or chip made of MDF furniture, there is a huge security risk. In the European children's furniture is not allowed to use tooth contact process!
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